Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Autism can take a back seat..and stay there.

It really feels as though autism has taken a back seat for now. And it feels great. And it can stay there.

J has coped just brilliantly this holidays. I was away in London all last week, with my daughter who was doing her dancing summer school. Not only did he cope, he had a great week, and although he said he missed me he really seemed to enjoy the time with his dad and brothers. Considering that this time last year he couldn't cope with me going out for an hour in the evening, it really is massive progress. He is also sleeping in his own room all night again, after over a year of being too anxious to sleep on his own, it's another huge step for him.

We are also in the process, as advised by the psychiatrist, of reducing his medication so at the moment he's on half the dose that he was a month ago.

He's happy, he's laughing, he's having fun. Today he's gone to out to a local theme park with Dad, his sister and one of his brothers. He wanted to go and was excited about it, and that's a different J from just a few months ago.

So autism is taking a back seat, and life seems to be getting back to normal fairly rapidly. Of course there will be back to school to contend with fairly soon, but we're preparing for that already and we're ready for whatever it throws at us. I don't want ASD to be the first thing that people think about when they think about J. I want them to think of a boy who loves Power Rangers, who is brilliant at Lego, who is kind and loving, who loves science and computers. The ASD will always be there, but I'm not going to let it take the driving seat.


  1. Fab news - sounds like you were re-invigorated yourself by your week away! x

    1. I really was - good for all of us I think! x

  2. Everyone on the Minecraft server I like knows I'm autistic, but only because I told everyone.